HADLEY — In response to a recent series of burglaries to cars around town, the Hadley Police Department is reminding members of the community to secure their motor vehicles when they’re parked and unattended.

Hadley Police Chief Michael Mason said an advisory posted on social media came after a number of incidents were reported around the town.

“Over the last week or so, we’ve had several B and E’s into motor vehicles in some of our shopping center parking lots,” Mason said.

The Facebook posting urges residents to hide or remove valuables from their cars and to remember to lock the vehicle after parking or leaving the area.

“We always suggest that people lock their vehicles and take all valuables with them or ensure that nothing of value is visible,” Mason said. “Most of the thefts we are investigating have been for items of value which were left on a seat. This is an easy target for thieves walking through parking lots to smash a window and quickly grab something and be out of the area before the theft is even noticed.”

Many thefts occur when vehicles are left unlocked but Mason said incidents also occur as crimes of opportunity.

“Many of them were very quickly done by breaking a window and taking whatever item of value was visible,” he said.

Car owners should be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious circumstances or activity to the police.

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