BELCHERTOWN — While the May 20 Town Election fielded no contested races, the Select Board is gaining new representation with the addition of new members Whitney Kuhnlenz and Nina Miner. The two take the seats vacated by departing members Peg Louraine and Ron Aponte who both choose not to seek reelection.

Kuhnlenz and Miner, while presenting change on the board also set a contrast with Kuhnlenz being new to Belchertown as opposed to long-time resident Minor.

Leonard Bilodeau will now move to a senior member position on the Planning Board as one of the seven offices that ran without opposition.

School Committee members Ruby Bansal and Amy Lamothe retain their seats after running unopposed as does Town Clerk Theresa Camerlin, who has served in that role for seven years and more than 25 years in positions with the town.

Craig Tommila won the seat on the Board of Assessors over write-in votes received by the Town Clerk’s office.
With a 9.8 % voter turnout, town involvement met Camerlin’s predictions for low participation among 11,300 registered voters, although presidential election years have tended to spark greater interest.

At the May 22 Select Board meeting new members Kuhnlenz and Minor were acknowledge by the current board as they reorganized, installing Edward Boscher as chair, Lesa Lessard Pearson as vice chair and Jennifer D. Turner as clerk.

Voters return to the polls June 17 to approve funding for the construction of the new Jabish Brook Middle School building project.

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