SPRINGFIELD — Control of a local organization appears to be in dispute while the city acted on what can go on at their building for the time being.

At a special hearing of the License Commission on May 15, members voted unanimously to suspend the liquor license for the Mount Carmel Society.

Associate City Solicitor Bonavita, who advocated for the suspension, referenced two “groups” who are exerting “control” over the building. The “old group,” led by John P. Rodier and the “new group,” reportedly headed by Salvatore S. Circosta.

Identifying Francis B. Magagnoli as the manager of record for the premises, at 13-15 Winthrop St., commission members indicated that Magnagoli was not at location and that the new group had filed an application to change information on the license and install new representation for the organization.

Prior reporting by Masslive, suggests the “club” has long been a location frequented by members of organized crime and gangs and the dispute was in fact a “coup” over control of the location.

License Commission member Maria D’Angelantinio wanted clarification.

“How is it that this new group can just kind of bogart their way in and kick this old group out?” She asked. “Is it like a hostile takeover?”

“If you look at the new group,” Bonavita answered. “Some of them are pretty well-known businesspeople as far as the group is concerned.”

Bonita went on to explain that the license application with all the names listed is in the office at the Mount Carmel Society.

“It looks like they had a meeting, a legitimate meeting,” he said and the group reportedly called the secretary of state’s office and indicated there had been a new vote and new officers installed for the society.

Bonita also indicated that both groups through legal counsel had agreed to the license suspension.

Commission member Peter Sygnator said, “What I’m hearing is the prudent thing to do tonight would be to suspend the license, the premises is secured, the alcohol is secured so that hopefully nothing is going to happen there until the next step, whatever that is.”

Sygnator also suggested that the two parties could remedy any potential dispute, or the suspension could be appealed to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission for a final decision.

A 4-0 vote approved the suspension as a manager is not present at the location.

Bonita said the legal department would have to decide what to recommend to the commission and it will ultimately be up to them.

Attempts to reach club representatives were unsuccessful and requests for additional information and comment from the License Commission were not met with response.