I served on Longmeadow’s Select Board for nine years and I am asking my fellow citizens to vote for Andrew Lam for Select Board on June 11. Our town is facing many challenges, including the construction of a new middle school and management of a growing employee base with all the increasing retirement benefits that go with it — while also facing the looming tax ceiling. We need Select Board members who can meet these challenges. All the candidates are good and well-intentioned citizens, but among them, Andrew Lam is uniquely qualified. He has years of experience on the Finance Committee, scrutinizing and working with town budgets. He has demonstrated time and again his dedication to Longmeadow through service and philanthropy. As a Selectwoman, I had the pleasure of working with Andrew. As a surgeon, author, and small business owner, I already knew he was smart and practical, but I was also impressed that he always came so well prepared and willing to do the hard work necessary to complete any project, big or small. He would be a valuable and critical addition to the Select Board during these challenging times. Please vote for Andrew Lam on June 11.
Marie Angelides

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