HOLYOKE — On Saturday, March 23, youngsters can enjoy a quieter version of the traditional Easter egg hunt at Wistariahurst Museum. For the first time ever, the museum will host a sensory-friendly event, focused on allowing those with sensory sensitivities to enjoy the hunt without the stress of too much noise and activity.

“Holyoke’s Parks and Rec. Department hosts an amazing egg hunt downtown but there are so many fun things happening, that it can be challenging for children with sensory sensitivities,” said Megan Seiler, museum director for Wistariahurst Museum. “I think most of us love someone with sensory sensitivities and we saw an opportunity to include even more children in Holyoke in this amazing tradition. This is our first time doing this and we hope it can become a new tradition.”

The event will take place in the museum’s gardens unless inclement weather forces it inside. Families can sign up for 10-minute slots between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. to start and then do the hunt at a slower, more leisurely pace. The time slots are limited just to keep the check-in process quieter. Each child can gather six eggs and choose from a range of candy and prizes. Families are welcome to stay at the museum until noon, exploring the gardens and being together.

“We saw an opportunity for the museum to offer this city tradition to kids who may not thrive at the large-scale egg hunt downtown. We wanted to be a space that could offer some more inclusion for this fun event,” explained Seiler. “And we are thankful for the support from Holyoke’s Parks and Recreation Department on this event. We hope that the kids have a good time and that families get familiar with our space and know they are welcome here.”

According to Seiler, many children have already signed up and there were just a few slots remaining. Seiler also wants families to know that if they’d like to explore the space before the event, the gardens are open every day from dawn until dusk. The museum hopes that such events will help build a community spirit in the city.

“Events like this help bring people together through joy and tradition. We are so honored to be a city department and work with so many amazing people,” said Seiler. “Holyoke is a really special place, and events like the egg hunt downtown or at the museum, are labors of love to our city.”

Tina Lesniak
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