SPRINGFIELD — Filing taxes is an annual task everyone is supposed to complete, but it can be complicated and expensive. For those who need help completing the process but do not have the funds to hire a tax preparer, Springfield Partners for Community Action offers free income tax preparation.

This is the organization’s 23rd year participating in the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. The organization’s Executive Vice President, James Johnson, said Springfield Partners for Community Action was approached by the federal agency and was asked to participate in order to encourage more people to file their taxes correctly.

This season, there are 50 volunteer tax preparers who have been vetted and received training, Johnson said. About 2,000 people take advantage of the Springfield Partners for Community Action tax preparation each year.

“There’s a great wave of folks that come through at the beginning,” Johnson said, but added that the number of people who come to the organization for tax help is “fairly steady” throughout the tax season, which runs until April 17 this year.

The service provides state and federal tax preparation for people with an annual income of $64,000 or less. To qualify for the Massachusetts Child and Family Tax Credit, residents must either have a dependent child under age 13, a disabled dependent or spouse and/or a non-spousal dependent over age 65.

Clients should arrive 15 minutes early for their appointment to give them time to complete intake paperwork and bring all necessary documents. A tax preparer will complete the return while clients wait.

A list of the required documents is available at springfieldpartnersinc.com and listed below:

  1. Original Social Security Card for taxpayer and everyone else that will be included on return
  2. Valid picture ID for both spouses if married, filing jointly
  3. Health Insurance Information. This can be found on forms 1095A, B, or C.
  4. Bills for 2023. For those age 65 or older who want to claim the circuit breaker tax credit, include real estate bill, and water and sewer bills.
  5. Bank account information for direct deposit
  6. Income information or tax documents, including and of the following forms:

    • Wages — W-2s,
    • Unemployment — 1099-G
    • Social Security — SSA-1099
    • Retirement income, pensions, individual retirement arrangements, disability income — 1099-R
    • State income tax refund or gambling winnings — 1099-G
    • College tuition and payment information — 1098-T
    • Interest and dividends — 1099-INT, 1099-DIV
    • Self-employment income — 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC
    • Social Security or railroad retirement — SSA-1099, RRB-1099
    • All appointments are in-person this year at the Springfield Partners for Community Action office, 721 State St., by appointment. For a tax preparation appointment, call 413-263-6500, ext. 2.