LUDLOW — The Pink W.A.Y. — Women Around You — Foundation will host its third annual Legends Show fundraiser on Sunday, Feb. 18.

Doors will open at 4 p.m. at the Gremio-Lusitano Club, 385 Winsor St., and will include food, drinks, dessert, raffles and entertainment.

Pink W.A.Y. Foundation founder Robyn Hersey added, “We are going to serve a pasta dinner, so we are going to have ziti, meatballs and salad with rolls with of course, cake and coffee.”

There will be six local artists who will impersonate and perform as well-known singers from different eras and genres to please everybody’s tastes.

Rick Larrimore as Rod Stewart, Jami D as Stevie Nicks, Robert Black as Elvis, Charlie Lask as Neil Diamond, Amanda Meli debuting as Dolly Parton and Lisa Carter as Cher.

Hersey added that all the performers have a background impersonating these singers.

“Basically, there is probably nowhere you can go and get finer entertainment then what we have lined up. These guys are my friends, but they are also so professionally each and every one of them. They do their jobs and they do it well,” Hersey said.

Tickets cost $40 a person or $75 for a couple and can be purchased either by calling 413-218-2414 or at the door the day of the event.

“We give a $5 break for a couple because we are marking it as a valentine’s event so we are hoping people will bring out their loved ones. We are going to have roses available for purchase,” Hersey added.

Seating will be first come first serve and there will be no reserved tables.

The money raised will go to the Pink W.A.Y. Foundation.

Hersey started the foundation to raise money to help women going through breast cancer treatment pay their bills, not to raise money for research or cover hospital bills.

Hersey, who is a breast cancer survivor herself, added that the foundation has helped women purchase wigs if insurance doesn’t cover the cost, buy groceries, covered electric bills, gas and helped with some of the traveling expenses for women who need out of state care.

Hersey said, “When we’re able to send out a check to somebody because somebody came and had a good time, they are contributing to our cause. The feeling alone of just being able to help someone else out in that aspect is great and everyone who comes to our event will feel just as good they will know that 100% of our money will be going to direct patient care.”

The Legends Show was such a success the last two years that Hersey said she is excited to see it come back.

She added, “The very first year I thought was really great even though it was just sort of after covid was just breaking up a little bit. Last year not really expecting what I got, I had almost 300 tickets sold and it went so well. That is why we moved to the Gremio-Lusitano Club.”

According to Hersey, tickets are selling “pretty quickly.”

“Robert Black is actually from Rhode Island, and I have people calling from Rhode Island to get tickets for the show. We encourage people to get their tickets and get them early but there is no bad seat in the club for sure,” Hersey said.