EASTHAMPTON — Exciting news for Peacock’s Nest, as the studio will be moving from its current location in the Eastworks building to a new space on Cottage Street that will allow for expanded events and classes. In preparation for moving, owner Lauren Grover is hosting a sale and giveaway of items she will no longer need.

“My current space has a large back room that’s filled with potential projects and things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but the new space is all storefront,” explained Grover. “The stuff I am selling is things I bought for the store, then realized I’m not going to use them. I still love them, so I priced them to find a good home.”

Grover is listing the items in a Facebook group that can be accessed through the studio’s Facebook page. She has already given away dozens of pots, potting soil and fertilizer. She has listed a wide range of items from stuffed animals to wind chimes to nail polish. In addition, she has items such as orange trees, secondhand silk sarees and an art stylus. She expects to list more arts and crafts items.

Grover started Peacock’s Nest as a way for people who don’t think they’re creative to explore different ways of being so.

“I don’t believe that’s actually true of anyone. I think, for the most part, people get bogged down in the day-to-day of what is, and they don’t stop to think about what could be,” explained Grover. “I have always been all about what could be, and so I get easily caught up when I see a potential project I think people would enjoy.”

Many of the items she’s giving away now won’t work in the new space where there isn’t true storage, so she’s hoping to move them along to people who want or need them or who will find some joy in them.

“As we packed I kept finding stuff that was awesome at one point, but didn’t really spark joy in a Marie Kondo way,” explained Grover. “It did at one point, though. Maybe it can spark joy for someone else now. If I can give other people some of that joy for themselves, and especially if I can help people think of themselves as more creative, then they have done what I bought them for.”

The move out of the Eastworks building is expected to happen throughout the month of March, except for some time when Grover will be traveling. She intends to host a grand opening at the new location at 47 Cottage St. sometime in May if all goes according to plan.

Tina Lesniak
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