PALMER — Voters turned out at the June 11 town election to elect Christopher Pelletier to an at-large seat on the Town Council. Pelletier eked out a win, receiving 356 votes against candidate Lucas McDiarmid’s 326 votes. John Comerford rounded out the race, having 144 people cast their ballot for them.

The election saw 9% of the electorate participate, 868 people. This surpassed the turnout in the 2023 town election, when 3% of eligible voters cast ballots, and the 6.85% who voted in 2022’s town election. Town Clerk Susan Coache said, “Typically town elections have a low turnout. But we did the vote-by-mail from voters that requested all ballots so you will see a larger number.”

However, the voter turnout is still low compared to some surrounding towns, such as Wilbraham, which had 14.6% voter participation, Ludlow’s 22% and Monson, with 26%.

Pelletier said in an email, “With much gratitude, I would like to thank all of the people who have supported me in this journey. I look forward to working with the Town Council members and the community to bring progress to Palmer.”

Pelletier ran on a platform of reviewing the town’s governmental structure to make it more efficient and effective, as well as investment in recreation and a new DPW facility. He previously told Reminder Publishing that the town should expand its commercial zones and become less restrictive to new development.

McDiarmid, who, during campaign, had touted his experience working at the State House as legislative director for Speaker Pro Tempore Kate Hogan, released a statement the day after the election.

“This campaign was a symbol of hard work. We heard the voters, and we showed up,” they said. “Today, I continue my work at the State House, where I will elevate issues and voices often unheard. I return to my post in the fire service and continue as president of the Three Rivers Firefighter’s Association. I will also continue to fight for our region’s environment as a board member at Norcross Wildlife Foundation. Thank you to my team, and to the voters. From the sidelines, I will always be fighting for Palmer, working to hold those in office accountable. The work continues anew.”

Comerford declined to comment on the election.

There were other Town Council seats on the ballot. Barbara Barry ran unopposed for reelection to the District 2 seat, while incumbent Karl Williams was the only candidate for the District 3 seat. Mark Caci ran again for the three-year councilor-at-large seat, unopposed. Norman Czech maintained their Planning Board seat. Anthony Braden was reelected to the School Committee. Both of those seats were uncontested.