LONGMEADOW — As lifestyles have changed over the years, so have people’s ways of thinking about aging. Glenmeadow, a life plan community in Longmeadow, is recognizing area residents who are defining life over 60 on their own terms with the inaugural Age of Excellence Awards.

“We are so excited about this awards series,” said Kathy Martin, president and CEO at Glenmeadow. “We want to highlight what people over 60 are doing that is exciting in their community,” she said, adding, “We often celebrate the young in our community, but there are so many people in their older years doing amazing things.”

Martin cited a 2023 Haris Poll that found 83% of people over age 65 would rather feel useful than youthful.

“Conventional wisdom is that people over 60 slow down, but we find that they are really going into a new gear in life,” Martin said. “It could be an encore career, or taking on a new adventure, or caring for children.”
Members of the community are encouraged to nominate those around them who they feel are “defining life over 60,” according to the Glenmeadow’s website. Nominations are open until July 26 and can be submitted at tinyurl.com/483df746. Community leaders will review the Age of Excellence Award submissions and select from the nominations.

The Age of Excellence Awards celebration will take place Wednesday, Sept. 4, at The Carraige House at The Barney Estate, in Springfield. Tickets can be purchased on Glenmeadow’s website. The celebration is a fundraising event for Glenmeadow, which is undertaking a $10.5m renovation project. Sponsorships are also available.

“It helps us all to remember that age is just a number,” Martin said. “We can continue to have an impact well into our older years.”