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Mar 13, 2024

I’m finding my passions through giving my time

Payton North

At the start of this year, I had an epiphany. “I don’t even know what makes me happy anymore,” I thought to myself. It was a humbling realization. 2023 was a year filled with tons of big life changes. For someone who prides themselves on being “put together,” I was...

Aug 7, 2023

Your hometown newspaper now has a new address

Payton North

A few weeks ago, I penned a column about change. At the time, I was discussing the demolition of the Eastfield Mall and how bittersweet it will be to see the mall go. Today, I write another column about change – this time, reflecting on Reminder...

May 16, 2023

Eastfield Mall demolition unearths old memories

Payton North

At times, I can be a very sentimental person. When I sold my first car a few years ago — a Nissan Juke — so I could buy a new SUV, I sobbed.Dramatic? Yeah, a little. Especially since I was buying an objectively “fancier” vehicle. But I had so many fun memories in...