Brad Shepard performing at a previous year’s summer concert series at Aldenville Commons.
Photo credit: Sean Carroll

CHICOPEE — The Aldenville Summer Concerts kicked off on July 2 and will run through Aug. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Aldenville Commons on Grattan Street.

The concert series is hosted and co-sponsored by the Chicopee Parks and Recreation Department, Chicopee Cultural Council, Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Viola Klaus concert fund.

Parks and Recreation Department Assistant Superintendent Sean Carroll said he has worked in the city for 25 years and that this concert has been going on as long if not longer than that.

He added, “Every year we are able to try to put together a concert series mostly for the summer. As far as when it actually started, I can’t really answer but I know it has been around for quite a while. The popularity has been very good. People really look forward to it every summer. We get a lot of people.”

Carroll said he has overseen this event for the last few years and that the turnout continues to be constant each show.

“It’s a great night and obviously a free show for everybody so it really is a good program. Seeing and hearing the feedback from people who do attend, we take some of that feedback and there are a lot of acts that are crowd favorites that we bring back but we try to introduce different types of music and different styles, different eras” he added.

Carroll wants to make sure the concert series is a family friendly event in terms of the musical acts and try to use the feedback to find bands that play music people are interested in.

He added, “We try to gauge as best we can and make everything work within those parameters. We are fortunately able to get additional funding through the Chicopee Cultural Council the last couple of seasons to grant us some funds through their organization to help with costs and keep our number of acts up there for the summer.”

Carroll added that everyone should bring their own chair and/or blankets to enjoy the show, and bring water to stay hydrated during the hot summer nights.

He also talked about the impact and importance of the concert series within the community.

“I think it brings the enjoyment of having families and friends meeting up to sit out on a great night and enjoying good music and music that may bring up some really good memories of yesterday or meeting up with people they may not see on a regular basis other than coming to the concert and bringing their families together,” Carroll said.

The concert series is free to attend and are subject to change due to the weather. Those looking to attend a concert can call 413-594-3481 and press two for the cancellation line after 5 p.m.

There will also be a sign posted in front of the park if the concert is canceled for any reason.
All concerts will be made up at a later date, according to Carroll.

Here is the lineup for the Summer Concert Series with each show starting at 6:30 p.m.:

  • Tuesday, July 2 — The Gaea Star Band.
  • Tuesday, July 9 — Pioneer Valley Band.
  • Wednesday, July 10 — The Nice Shirt Band.
  • Tuesday, July 16 — Peter Annone/Richie Mitnick and Guests.
  • Tuesday, July 23 — The Ken Morr Band.
  • Tuesday, July 30 — Richie Mitnick with Ethel Lee and Joe Saimeri.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 6 — The Dave Colucci Show.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 13 — The Lost A-Sides.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 14 — Brad Shepard.