Jill Wilkins with her nomination for a Howdy Award.
Reminder Publishing submitted photo

CHICOPEE — Munich Haus bartender Jill Wilkins was nominated for 2024 People’s Choice Howdy Award.

Each year, people from the hospitality industry are nominated for a Howdy Award for Hospitality Excellence in different categories. Voting runs from April 8 to April 24 and the finalist with the most votes will win.

Wilkins was nominated by her peers for a People’s Choice Award which is a category open to the public for voting on explorewesternmass.com. She has worked in the hospitality industry for 25 years, including the last 12 years at the Munich Haus, 13 Center St.

Wilkins talked about finding out she was nominated.

“The award is for best of hospitality and I didn’t know I was nominated. One of the bartenders that I have worked with for 12 years has started the nomination and she had told other people about it as well so a bunch of people nominated me. I didn’t know until the package came last Wednesday,” Wilkins said.

She added that she was shocked but excited to receive the award.

“It’s very exciting. It feels awesome, I am just ecstatic and very honored. I’ve been in the industry for about 25 years so just that fact it’s great,” Wilkins said.

She also talked about what she enjoys most about working at Munich Haus.

“I really enjoy going to work. It’s one of those things you don’t dread going in. We have a lot of regulars; I love interacting with the customers. You learn a lot from your customers, you can hear their stories from all over. It’s a rewarding job and makes going to work easy,” Wilkins said.

Co-manager Denise Lemmlin talked about her employee and said that Wilkins was a perfect finalist for this award and that everyone is excited for her.

She added, “Jill‘s strong work ethic is truly admirable and her talent and skills are remarkable. She consistently goes above and beyond and her customers truly appreciate her. Jill is an amazing woman and bartender. She is definitely an asset to this restaurant.”

According to Wilkins, other co-workers said that they nominated her because of her ability to fill-in, help out wherever she can and get the job done.

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