Holyoke Nutrition Owner Jazmine Sanchez poses in her new shop located at 331 High St.
Reminder Publishing photo by Trent Levakis

HOLYOKE — High Street saw another new business introduce itself to the community this past month in Holyoke Nutrition, a new smoothie and juice bar with focus on protein packed shakes and energy boosting teas.

Holyoke Nutrition Owner Jazmine Sanchez told Reminder Publishing that after being let go from her full-time job a year ago, it became a blessing in disguise as it opened the door to taking the risk on opening her own business that is in line with her passions for healthy living.

“We are a nutrition club. We provide a cleaner option to our nutrition. We figured Holyoke was lacking some better choices,” Sanchez said. “We figured this was a great spot to bring this to.”

Located at 331 High St., Holyoke Nutrition has a wide variety of menu options for shakes and teas meant to help fuel a healthy lifestyle. She added many of the shakes serve as healthy substitutes for meals for those sticking to strict diet regiments. All offers are also low calorie and focused on nutritional value.
Sanchez said while she has only just opened the business, she has plans to utilize the stores back room for fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga and spinning classes.

“Fitness definitely goes with your nutrition,” Sanchez added.

Shakes include options like birthday cake, chocolate cheesecake, cookie dough, Snickers and much more, as well as a wide variety of tea options. Sanchez said once people realize how good some of these healthy shakes under the guise of a sweet treat are, they become hooked.

“It literally tastes like a Snickers in your mouth but you’re not having all the added sugars and all the crap, and that can be your snack,” Sanchez said as most shakes range from 200 to 260 calories.

Sanchez also mentioned that for those on the run or planning out when to fit in one of Holyoke Nutrition’s shakes, she also sells premade kits for people to easily make their own shake on the road.

Sanchez said being a part of growth in downtown Holyoke is exiting and she hopes to become a lasting space in the city’s downtown for those looking for a healthy option during the week. She added foot traffic has been good so far as she becomes accustomed to the community as a business owner.

“Nutrition and fitness is what we want to bring to this community,” Sanchez said. “I wanted to give somebody a chance to do better.”

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