Ware Historical Society President Julie Bullock giving remarks.
Reminder Publishing photo by Miasha Lee

WARE — On May 26, the Ware Historical Society had their 14th Annual Ware Remembers, honoring loved ones on Memorial Day weekend. The ceremony took place in front of the historic Ware Center Meeting House which was built in 1799 and has served as the first town hall, the first school and the parish home for the First Church of Ware. Attendees included Boy Scout Troop 281 of Ware, American Legion Post 123 and Amvets 2577.

State Rep. Todd M. Smola (R-Warren) and State Sen. Peter J. Durant (R-Spencer) were among the distinguished guests.

Ware Remembers was inspired by the idea of creating a field of flags. President Julie Bullock of the Ware Historical Society said, “We had seen such presentations elsewhere and developed our program of dedicating one flag per loved one and doing a roll call to honor each person.” She continued, “The main goal of this program is to remember and honor people who were important to Ware and to their families and friends in Ware. We are all about telling their stories. History is everyone’s story put together.”

The ceremony’s roll call included several wars, recipients of bronze stars, Special Forces, women, a POW whose name was Norman Phillips and a man who served in both World War I and II, his name was Walter “Gunch” Tworek- World War I -US Navy and War World II Seabees. The roll call also included Historical Society member Cindi Sambor LaBombard who served as treasurer and was very active with Ware Remembers. She handled many details, invited speakers and prepared the roll call. She died two years ago. Bullock told Reminder Publishing this program is a culmination of 14 years of team effort. It began with an idea shepherded by former President Martha Rohan. The first years saw three of the ladies of the Historical Society placing the flags.
On one evening after the sun had set a police officer stopped to ask, “What are you doing out here?” Officer Lagimoniere then turned on his spotlights and helped us put the final flags in place. Since then, they have been blessed with the help of the Boy Scouts to place flags. Vice President Polli McCrystal has served as liaison to the veterans and handled flags, posters and request forms. Rohan was liaison to the Scouts, managed the chairs and use of the meetinghouse, and with McCrystal monitoring the placement of the field of flags and refreshments for the Scouts. Treasurer Andrea Humpel handled the mail. Participating members do what they can to prepare the Ware Center Meetinghouse, to spread the word about the activities and to oversee the event.

“It is our job as the Ware Historical Society to make people interested in history,” said Bullock. “The reason why we do this is to focus on the importance of everyone having a story. History has been passed down by retelling and repeating.”

She went on to say, “We remember people by saying their names and telling their stories and that’s what we want to do with Ware Remembers. Everyone is important and everyone has a story.”

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