PALMER — The Palmer Town Council met to amend minor clerical errors in the FY25 budget records on June 27.

According to Town Manager Brad Brothers, the errors included incorrect dollar amounts and an incorrect fiscal year date. These inaccuracies were discovered after the budget was initially approved at the Town Council meeting on June 24.

“We had to make two minor edits to the wording. The language in Monday night’s motion included incorrect dollar amounts and the wrong fiscal year date. Nothing significant changed in the budget itself. It was just the amounts read into the record that needed adjustment. We corrected and approved the accurate dollar amounts on Thursday,” explained Brothers.

The corrections involved adjusting the total sum appropriated for town charges from $42,281,522 to $39,961,040 and correcting the fiscal year date from July 1, 2023, to July 1, 2024. Additionally, the amount raised through sewer fees for the Wastewater Treatment Plan budget was corrected from $4,449,490 to $4,325,460.

“While the numbers may look significant, there were no changes to the intent of the budget that was requested from the Town Council at the public hearing on June 10 and voted originally on June 24. We simply just needed to edit the amounts that were read into the record to reflect how they will be entered into our accounting system for FY25,” said Brothers.

He also emphasized how the process may change going forward.

“In future fiscal years, I expect we may change how we bring this forward to council for approving and voting purposes,” said Brothers.

The approved FY25 budget can be found on the town of Palmer’s website.