Visitors walk around the busy Fourth of July Carnival at Leahy Field in East Longmeadow.
Reminder Publishing photos by Laura Mason

EAST LONGMEADOW — East Longmeadow hosted its annual Fourth of July Carnival from June 28 to July 4 at Leahy Field. The carnival included food stands, rides, live music and various activities, such as axe-throwing and mock bull-riding. In addition to the carnival, the town of East Longmeadow also hosted fireworks and an Independence Day parade on July 3 and 4, respectively.

The annual carnival had multiple rides available for visitors to enjoy with family and friends, including swings and bungee jumping.
A mother and son enjoy ice cream from a food stand during the East Longmeadow Fourth of July Carnival.
Dev’s Mac N Eats owner Devin Perez and employee Chloe Beecher operated one of multiple food stands available to visitors at the Fourth of July Carnival.
Kevin Vogel tries axe-throwing while at the East Longmeadow carnival.