EASTHAMPTON — Easthampton City Council President Homar Gomez has announced his candidacy for state representative for the Second Hampshire District. The seat is currently occupied by state Rep. Daniel Carey, a Democrat also of Easthampton, who has announced plans to run for Hampshire County clerk of courts.

“I’m running for state rep. because I know I can be the voice and the representative of everyone from the Second Hampshire District at Boston,” said Gomez. “Helping and working for the community is something that I’ve been doing forever. I take it seriously as people can see in my role as a city councilor and as City Council president.”

Gomez expects that his experience on the City Council and his positive relationship with Carey will put him in a good position to get down to work on day one.

“I know and I understand how local government works and that gives me the opportunity to fight for our communities,” said Gomez. “State Rep. Carey and I have a good relationship and we talk all the time. I always take advice from him or any other experienced person. We can’t have a successful working relationship if we don’t accept advice or recommendations from leaders of our community.”

Gomez has several goals should he be elected, many similar to those he has had as City Council president but on a broader scope.

“Let me mention a few: being sure the Second Hampshire district has been treated fairly with Chapter 90 money, Chapter 70 money and more,” explained Gomez. “With my experience, I will work hard to get what our district needs: housing, education, park and recreational funding. Safety and seniors are going to be my focus and my priorities.”

Gomez expects to start his campaign events soon. Those should be a natural fit for Gomez who already spends considerable time out in the community speaking with his constituents.

“I’m always around the community talking to people and I plan to keep doing it,” said Gomez. “I’m familiar with the district and I’m planning to be out there with the community, knocking on doors, visiting places, going to sports events. I’m going to be talking to our residents all the time because that’s me. To me, the community is always first, and as a state representative that is always going to be my priority.”

The district consists of Easthampton, Hadley, South Hadley and parts of Granby.