EASTHAMPTON — At its April 9 meeting, the Easthampton School Committee reviewed and moved forward with several new and revised policies and sent several back to the policy subcommittee.

The Massachusetts Association of School Committees puts forth broad policies that local school committees then tailor to the needs of their districts. The policy subcommittee has been working on this for some time and brought forth many for a first reading.

“We want to make sure the district policies align with MASC,” explained committee member Sam Hunter. The policies have to have a first reading and a second reading, both followed by discussion time, before they can be formally adopted by the school committee.

Many of the policies discussed the appropriate use of technology and social media by students and staff, as well as by the school committee and guests at the schools.

The use of electronic messaging by the school committee policy gives guidance on how school committee members are allowed to communicate with each other outside of their public meetings. The policy covers communications through text, email and social media. Essentially, any time there are four or more of them in a conversation that equals a quorum and cannot happen. In addition, these types of communications should only be about housekeeping matters like adding something to an agenda or discussing the time of a meeting. Hunter also reminded the committee that any such communications are considered public record.

The district security relating to technology policy clarifies that students and staff do have a right to data privacy, but the student use of technology in schools policy notes that students should not have the expectation of privacy when using a district digital resource. Committee members asked for clarification on what exactly is a district digital resource and if that includes a student using school Wi-Fi with a personal device.

When discussing the district website and social media policy, the committee noted that they’d like to make sure the website is kept updated and easy to use for families and residents.

Those policies that had their first readings can have their second readings at the next school committee meeting.

Policies on data and records retention, personnel use of technology and access to digital resources were sent back to the policy subcommittee for further review and clarification. Those will still need two readings at future school committee meetings.

In his business update, Director of Business Services Nick Bernier informed the committee that the budget is generally in good shape. He noted that the highest budget expenses continue to be utility bills, special education transportation and out-of-district placements. Currently, four positions remain vacant in the district: middle school librarian, paraeducator, lunch supervisor and network technician.