EASTHAMPTON — Planning Board members approved slight adjustments to the residential development project featured on 282 Loudville Rd.

During its May 21 meeting, the board approved a request from the applicant to change the three townhouse-style two stories that were planned for the property into one-story garden style units after the applicant claimed that there is a lot of demand for garden-style standalones.

“We’ve had a lot of interest going back to our last project with one floor living so we’re hoping to have the option to make everything a garden style unit so [the proposed units] would essentially be one floor plan all exactly the same,” said Joseph Kelley, the applicant for the project.

Before the Planning Board approved the change, Kelley said the development included two types of floor plans: a garden, one-story floor plan that was made up of duplex and standalone units; and three standalone townhouses with two-story units.

By changing the townhouses to the garden style units, everything is now consistent in the developments, according to Kelley, who admitted that this change was driven by supply-and-demand.

“We just have a lot of demand for garden standalones, and we just want to be able to not turn some away,” Kelley said. “We’re hoping to be able to accommodate the interest we have.”

The change comes after the Planning Board officially approved the development of these residential units at 282 Loudville Rd., which is a 12.22-acre parcel, in February after several months of public hearings. The accepted development includes up to 15 residential units and an associated driveway. The new roadway would include a new cul-de-sac and the construction would also include sidewalks, water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure.
Planning Board member James Zarvis, who chaired the meeting on May 21, felt that the proposed change by the applicant on was minimal enough to vote on it without further delaying to a future public hearing.

Member Daniel Hartman, who seconded the motion to make the change, agreed with Zarvis’ sentiment, especially since the change is driven by what the market is dictating.

The change was unanimously approved.