NORTHAMPTON — With one show only, the circus show DreamCycle is set to take the stage and bring its audience on a wild adventure on April 28 at the Academy of Music.

“DreamCycle is a circus adventure through the wild of dreams,” explained Doug Stewart, director of Cirque Us who produces the event. “The show is a family-friendly, theatrical performance featuring aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, clowns and more! The show is a very intimate experience that focuses on the human elements.”

Originally produced in 2017, and reimagined for the 2024 spring season, DreamCycle unravels like the fabric of a dream, with both fantasy and nightmare. The intimacy of the show allows audience members to become part of the show and sets Cirque Us apart from other circuses that tend to set up in much larger venues.

“Cirque Us focuses on storytelling and the human element of the circus,” noted Stewart. “Many large circuses perform in arenas or thousand-seat venues where it’s hard to see the performers. Cirque Us sets up in intimate venues where you feel a connection with the performers. Our show centers around the characters that the audience will get to know and love.”

Creating those characters and building that relationship with the audience brings great joy to the performers as well. Many have attended rigorous circus schools where performers train for hours per day over many years.

“As performers, we love getting to share our love for our craft with the audience,” said Stewart. “Having the opportunity for that hard work to be recognized and appreciated it’s such an incredible feeling. It is also very fun to get to travel and explore new places as we tour.”

Although many people are familiar with the larger circus companies, such as Ringling Brothers or Cirque Du Soleil, that tour at large arenas and large cities, Stewart explained that many don’t know about the smaller touring companies like Cirque Us.

“Circus is an American tradition that is older than baseball,” said Stewart. “Cirque Us is a newer company, started in 2016, and has already completed 11 national tours performing for thousands each year.”

Since 2016, Cirque Us has grown into a nationally renowned circus company, producing and touring original, full-length works and providing educational experiences such as camps and workshops for people of all ages and abilities. This season’s members are Stewart, Maeve Beck, Mariah Fraker, Jeremy Cifonie, Sam Hollis and Charles Keidel.

The thousands who attend the shows leave with large smiles and a heart full of joy, having experienced the magic that is the circus.

“Many people tell us they weren’t expecting the show to be so funny,” said Stewart. “I think everyone is impressed by the physicality of the circus, but enjoy Cirque Us because of how much fun we are having.”

Cirque Us presents DreamCycle on April 28 at 4 p.m. The show runs approximately 75 minutes and is appropriate for all ages. Tickets and additional information are available now at www.thecirqueus.com.