CHICOPEE — On May 14, the DPW Committee met with the Building Department and the Board of Health director to discuss problem properties in the city that have issues that need to be addressed.

The purpose of the meeting was to update the public on problem properties, properties that have overgrowth, junk in their yard and block drivers vision on streets because of overgrowth.

The committee went through complaints from each ward to receive updates.

Ward 9 City Councilor Mary Beth Pniak-Costello was present at the meeting and discussed with Reminder Publishing how it went.

She said, “The meeting went well. The quality of life issues in neighborhoods were discussed in a public forum. Some issues go back 20 years. The city stays on top of the issues. The Board of Health director was present. [Lisa Sanders] is staying on top of issues that involve the public health of the city. The Building Department head [Frank Boron] was present. He is concerned with Ordinance Code enforcement.”

With the meeting taking place and action to be taken over the problem properties discusses, Pniak-Costello said she hopes the city continues public meetings to update the public on code enforcement issues.

“Residents are concerned about code enforcement. The City Council approved the hiring of a part time code enforcement officer. Hopefully that position will be filled. Quality of life issues must be addressed. The meeting showed the problem properties are being addressed. The department heads are willing to work with the City Council in the neighborhoods to address concerns that involve violation of the ordinances,” she added.

Any residents who have a concern about abutting properties or ones in their neighborhood can reach out to their city councilor or the Building Department who can try and address the matter.

Pniak-Costello and the rest of the committee said they want to be as transparent as possible and show that work is being done.

She added, “My hope is to have these meetings for problem properties on a regular basis. The public should be updated and informed about code enforcement.”