BELCHERTOWN — Maude Haak-Frendscho, Belchertown’s creative economy coordinator, pitched a standard template for all town brochures at a recent Select Board meeting.

Board member Lesa Lessard Pearson asked Haak-Frendscho to present branding and template standards for the board to review.

Town Administrator Steven Williams said the first step was hiring a designer and contacting town committees for feedback. The Select Board would have final approval on the template and use standards.
Lessard Pearson said to Haak-Frendscho, while a regulated template may prove a “hard sale,” she called for the town’s Communication Committee “to be onboard.” Williams added that specific considerations may apply to messaging or formatting, especially with state or federal agencies or outside vendors.

Board member Jennifer Turner clarified the template would be for official town boards, committees and departments. Haak-Frendscho agreed that exceptions would apply and be part of the process. She added the initiative remains within budgetary constraints.

The Select Board granted Haak-Frendscho permission to proceed and present future findings.

Dennis Hohenberger
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