HOLYOKE – For the 71st year, the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade returned to the streets of the city.

Top row: A Holyoke Caledonian pipe band members playing the bagpipes. A Tian Guo marching band member plays the trumpet. Holyoke Grand Colleen Elizabeth Gourde waving to the crowd. Second row: Holyoke Colleen Taryn Ryan waving to the crowd. A pony marches in the parade. A Fralinger String Band member plays the saxophone. Third row: Mary Jo McMahon Murphy (left) and Jackie Kraus (right) with the In Loving Memory of Brian Callahan, Moira Murphy and Heather McMahon banner. German Shepard Darby watches the parade from the sidewalk. Polish American String Band member wearing a dog mask. Fourth row: A Manchester Pipe band member playing the bagpipes. Springfield firefighters pose for a photo. West Springfield Colleen Olivia Lyons waves to the crowd. Bottom row: Chicopee Police Officer Neil Graham. Connecticut Hurricanes Drum and Bugle member playing the trumpet. A Melha Shriner driving over a moving vehicle.

Reminder Publishing photos by Joseph Desrosiers

Joseph Desrosiers