PALMER — St. Paul’s Church will host a Saturday, March 2, fundraising dinner for Kids in the Congo, a nonprofit that aids Congolese children with projects like classroom construction and well digging.

The dinner’s host, the Rev. Steven Sousa of St. Paul’s Church, emphasized that the event supports a crucial nonprofit aiding a child in a disadvantaged region, highlighting the global impact of local actions.

Tickets for the Kids in the Congo dinner must be purchased by calling 413-283-8185 or visiting the “Events” page at www.StPaulsPalmer.org.

The event seeks support from across Hampden, Hampshire and Worcester counties. According to the organization’s website, Kids in the Congo, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit, has supported Congolese children’s education since 2008.

The church’s decision to host the event aligns with its mission to extend its humanitarian reach beyond local confines to global needs.

The dinner is set for 5:30 p.m. in the church hall and will feature a pasta and meatball supper, with all proceeds directed to Kids in the Congo Inc.

“We’re covering all expenses, ensuring that every ticket sale directly supports the organization’s vital work,” Sousa added.

The event will offer a meal and an informative presentation by the humanitarian group’s president, hoping to provide insights into the group’s efforts in the Congo.

“It’s about creating awareness and a connection to those far from us yet part of our human family,” Sousa emphasized, highlighting the importance of global empathy and support. He added the Democratic Republic of the Congo is rich in mining deposits, leaving the population vulnerable to exploitation.

Kids in the Congo helps over 500 students, provides sponsorships, school supplies and infrastructure improvements, and has recently expanded to include clean water and healthcare initiatives.

Projects include funding for educational facilities in Butembo and efforts to construct water wells in remote villages.

In partnership with the Augustinians of the Assumption, Kids in the Congo pairs needy children with sponsors who support their education with annual donations.

The group’s fundraising activities are concentrated in central Massachusetts, aiming to foster better educational opportunities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To learn more about the Kids in the Congo, visit the group’s Facebook page or www.kidsinthecongo.org.